Happy Home K9's Homemade Toys

Well it's come to this.
I go through a lot of dog toys.  That's to be expected when you are in my line of business.
But the price of even one really good rope toy can send anyone to the poor house when you have a fur kid who loves to play fetch, tug-of-war and chew on their favorite rope toy. 

So now Happy Home K9 is proud to present their own line of home made rope toys.  These toys have been tested on large and small dogs alike.
(Just like with any rope toy, you should supervise your dogs play and not leave them alone to destroy the toy. Once rope has been shredded by dog, please dispose of the toy in the trash)

Depending on the size of the toy you are interested in, and or if it has a ball connected on it, determines the price of the toy.
The big dog fetch ropes without a ball can measure anywhere from 7" to 9" in length.
The same fetch toy with a ball on the end of it will range from 9" to 12" in length.

The fetch toys I make for the smaller canines are made with a small diameter rope for small mouths and of course are shorter in length.

This great toy to the left is made for the really big dogs, or those small ones that "think" they're really big.  This toy can be anywhere from15" to 18" long.  All toys are hand made, so no two are exactly alike.

At this time, rope toys range in price from as little as $4.00 for a small dog toy, to $15.00 for our largest toy for the big dogs. 

I am working on setting up a pay pal account so toys can be ordered on line and shipped to those that do not live near me.
For those of you who are near, you can purchase your new toys directly from my home, as always.

If you do live out of state and would like to order one now, you can contact me at the email listed below.  I will total up what you would like to order and let you know what the shipping and handling cost will be.  You can than mail me a check. 
Once I get the check, your order will be in the mail to you.  (I know this is "old school", but until I set up the paypal account this is just the way it will need to be, thank you for your patience)

If you have any questions or would like to place an order, please contact me at HappyHomeK9@gmail.com and type Dog Rope Toy in the subject line.
"The handsome boy to the left is Chester,
 proudly holding his very own Happy Home K9 Rope toy."

This little cutie pie is Bandit, he lives in Virginia
and is helping me test out the small "mighty mights" rope toys.
He is doing a good job and learning fetch at the same time.

Thank you for your support,
Rhonda, (and my fur family) Griffin, Happy, Cloud, Honey Bear and Mr. Bo Jangles.